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Peru adventure trips

Recommendations trips in Peru

Hola Vidal!

I want to thank you for sharing with us your love for Peru and its heritage. And to thank Erica for her incredible Peru trip blog and mentioning you and Adventure Holidays Peru, the Cusco-based tourism company. For us living in Romania choosing a half-way around the world travel agency for our Peru experience was kind of adventurous, but with every email you Vidal turned out to be more of a friend than a tour operator, so the choice was an easy one in the end.

The trip we took in December 2013 was perfect in every way: from the moment we landed in Lima where we were met by Antonio to the moment when we said goodbye to you in Cusco. Even though I thought this would really be a problem while traveling in Peru, we didn't encounter any real high altitude sickness. I'm convinced that the itinerary was perfect in this respect also: we traveled almost exclusively by bus and the road took us gradually from the Pacific coast up to Lake Titicaca ending our journey in Cusco/ The Sacred Valley. The trip was not easy, we didn't expect it  to, since in 15 days we covered so many places: Lima, Paracas and Islas Ballestas, Nazca, Arequipa, Chivay and Colca Canyon, Puno and Lake Titicaca, Cusco and the Sacred Valley and the Inca Trail and finally Macchu Picchu, but it was worth every penny and every discomfort we might have encountered along the way (like waking up at 4 a.m.).

When we met in Cusco you told us that in every place we visited you used to work as a tourist guide and based on your experience you had the opportunity to select the local tourist companies that provided the best services and we can tell you: it worked! And then there was always "ok, if something is not right, we'll phone Vidal and he'll take care of it". Only didn't have to.

We have so may stories to tell and most of them have a bit of the magic shared with us by our guides: Heidi on the Patapampa and in Chivay and Colca Canyon, Marita on the Altiplano from Puno to Cusco, you in and around Cusco, Hernan on the Sacred Valley and the can-not-find-my-words-to-describe-it wonderful Short Inca Trail and Freddie in Macchu Picchu.


I wish you to keep on organizing amazing trips. You can count on me as an Adventure Holidays Peru fan.


Peru travel recommendations

We just got back from Peru and I have the best Inka Trail guide recommendation - we felt so fortunate to have found him / them. I plan to post something glowing about them. But until then, here is the info:

Adventure Holidays Peru

The owner and guide is a man named Vidal and his ethics and politics are really right on, he pays the staff (porters, cook) a fair wage, and he takes profits and builds schools for poor Andean children. Plus, he's fluent in English, intelligent, funny and made us feel like we could do anything. We set the pace each day and he knew how to keep us away from the throngs of folks that do the trek, thus at times we felt like we were the only ones in the mountains! The food was wonderful.

If you do contact him, tell him Sandi and Dane send their best.
Have a wonderful time, whoever you choose!


Posted 24 sep 2008 Lonely Planet



Hola Vidal,

I have just finished composing a slide show from our trip to Peru. Too bad that it is over. We had a fantastic time! We had a “wow moment” every day and the sights were breathtaking. We would go back to Peru any time and rely on you to make the arrangements. You guys came through on all your promises but also your team has astonished us by the warmth of the relationship and caring. John in Lima, Henry in Arequipa and Ciro in Cusco really spent a lot of time with us, explaining what we would not have noticed in the sculptures or architecture on our own. Washington, the driver in Arequipa, was also very personable, helping us through the trip to Cola and on to Puno (not to mention that he had fixed my suitcase damaged in air transit).

We enjoyed the company of young Hubert. He is a bright young man and extremely personable. On top of it, he had a lot patience for my broken Spanish without reverting to English, which he speaks very well. We felt that Hubert really cared about our well-being and coached us how to climb up Tequile Island to its whole 4010 m (at that plazoleta) without expiring of exhaustion. I must say that your travel plan worked out very well. You included a lot of worthwhile places that we would not have seen without you. We loved the chicheria and the game of sapo. Thanks to your travel plan, we acclimatized very well to the heights by the time of reaching Qosqo. We also liked your hotel selection, which were either extremely comfortable (St.Augustin in Lima or Encantada in Cusco) or just convenient (Aguas Calientes), and the ones in Arequipa (Casa de Melgar), Ollantaytambo and Cusco (Encantada) had a lot of character and beauty.

Feel free to give our phone number (613-353-7081) and email to any of your potential clients, we wil be happy to share with them our fantastic experience.

Thank you amigos and see you again.




"Vidal is simply great — a great person; a great guide. With his charming personality, sense of humor, and the treasure-trove of information he shared with us, he added tremendously to our enjoyment of the trip. He listened to our wants/needs and organized a trip that was completely in synch with our travel style."

Read the full review on Trip Advisor



Great trip to Machu Picchu with Adventure Holidays Peru!!

Four of us went on the 4 day trek to Machu Picchu at the end of October and had a wonderful time. Vidal was our guide and he organized a smooth and memorable trip for us. We had six porters, a cook and Vidal. The food was excellent as were all the accommodations on the trail and in Cusco and Puno. Our tour included Lake Titcaca as well. Vidal has much knowledge about his country and he shares it with pride.

I would highly recommend booking your trip to Peru with this company.

Cindi Smith and Denise Avitabile



We arranged a two day trek of the inca trail through Adventure Holidays Peru two months before our trip. Vidal (our guide) was very helpful and prompt in replying to our emails and questions about the trek and Peru in general.
When we arrived in Cusco, we met Vidal and he explained about the trek and what we would be doing. Again he was very helpful and had good advice on what to see and do in Cusco.

We set off from Cusco on the train (our tickets had been arranged) to km104 where we met Vidal and began our trek. It was an amazing day, as at the end of it you get to see the spectacular sight of Machu Picchu. The trek was fine, hard at times but manageable. I am not too fit, but we took our time and Vidal was very patient with us. We spent some time walking around MP and then headed into Cusco for some food and badly needed sleep.

The next morning we were supposed to get to MP for the sunrise but we slept in a little. Vidal was at our hostel (which he had arranged for us) and
managed to wake us up. We got to MP and had some guided tour time with Vidal then we had time to wander around ourselves.
Overall Vidal was a great help to us and spoke good English. He did things
at our pace. Included in our trip was our return train fairs, hostel for 1
night and snacks on the trek (which went down a treat), and it is an experience of a lifetime.



Hi Vidal,

Thanks for the info. Yes, we very much enjoyed the jungle. But Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley were high lights of the Peru trip. Here is a brief writeup on our Inca trail hike/Sacred Valley tour. Please feel free to use it on your website. I was trying to post a review on as well, but I couldn't find a section to post review on travel agencies. If you know of any other web sites where I can post reviews, please let me know. I will be glad to do it. Also, attached some photos.

We had a wonderful time in Cusco/Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu, many thanks to Vidal and AdventureHolidaysPeru. From the time we landed in Cusco, you basically took care of everything for us. The city tour group you booked us into was awesome, it was a small group of 8 people or so, unlike other tour groups who were basically running full buses.

Inca trail hike was the best hike we ever did in our lives. Vidal, our guide, is extremely well read & knowledgable. His respect towards nature and Inca culture is admirable(quite in contrast to some of the guides you will come across in Machu Picchu who basically shout at the top of their voices to let themselves heard). Thanks a lot to Vidal for making this hike a memorable one.

The accommodations you booked us in at Ollantaytambo & Aguas Calientes were awesome, quiet & clean rooms, exactly what we wanted. We would like to thank Maria and Hubert for taking us around Sacred Valley and Pisac market. We had a great time.

We would definitely like to come back. Next time, we would like to do the full 4 day hike. Also, we would like to thank you for the front row seats in the train. It was a real treat :)

Thanks a lot!
Ganesh & Shalini



EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE WITH ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS PERU!!!! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I traveled to Cusco, Peru this past summer (June 2008). I emailed frequently with Vidal to arrange everything for our 4 day-3 night alternative trek that went from Cusco to Huchuyqosqo to Machu Picchu.

We were a group of 5 with two English-speaking tour guides, two porters, two cooks and several horses. I would strongly recommend the alternative trail because it is not overcrowded with tourists (we only saw another group of tourists once just passing by), the view is beautiful since it has not been overrun or destroyed by people/tourists. Although the website indicates that groups of 15 are usually taken, we were able to arrange for our own hike with only 5 people, so we had our personal "tour".



Thanks again for an amazing trek. Below this is our testimonial. Please use it on your site or wherever you think it help. I will also post this on for you. Hope all is well!
After searching through all of the tour operators for weeks and weeks to decide whom to go with for our trek to Machu Picchu thankfully we chose Adventure Holidays Peru. We try to abide by a certain code of ethics when we travel and choose companies that reflect our values and feelings about responsible tourism. This organization treats their porters with respect and dignity and pays them well. They are environmentally

sensitive and they also make an effort to give back to the local community through volunteering and other altruistic programs. We were lucky to have Vidal the owner as our guide. Vidal is passionate about what he does, he has a great sense of humor, and knew all the necessary historical details to make it a learning experience for us all. Plus the food was not just good, it was fantastic! Adventure Holidays Peru exceeded our expectations in every conceivable way. If you are searching for a unique customized trek in the Andes mountains with a reputable company, look no further. Over the course of our three month trip in South America doing this tour was the highlight of it all!
- Matt and Lyss 2009