ThursdayMay25 ,2017
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Peru Packages

welcome to Peru  a country were you can mingle whit the people and enjoy a different experience.  Here you can experience our traditions, cuisine nature and archaeological sites like Sacsayhuaman Pisac Ollantaytambo and Machupicchu.


This is the place were the Incas develop an empire call Tawantinsuyo, having as a capital the Qosqo city, now a days we still life here surrounded by those Incan walls, nice colonial churches an impressive nature.

so here in Peru you can find natural reserves areas like: Paracas National Park, Machupicchu National Park, Colca canion, Titikaka lake, Manu, etc.
A lot of our colonial structures were build on top of those old incan Palaces and temples, so is fascinating mixture of cultures.

We can arrange your trip from the very  beginning to the end you just need to get here, and we came to look for you making sure that you get to your hotel and make sure that your tours are  the ones that you are looking for.

We arrange Traditional tours, the ones that take you to the colonial part of the city  or to Main archaeological sites , most of those tours are easy to fallow; ( you don't have to be in the best shape)  but if you are looking for to do more activities  like going to a hike then we can arrange a hiking activities too
Ours services start at the Airport and  we arrange the transfers, hotels, or take care of the internal flights, train tickets, guided  tours, etc
please let us know the kind of tour that you would like to have and will customize your trip. some of the trips that we have are:
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